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GMO is a global asset manager founded in 1977, and today is comprised of a collection of investment teams with capabilities across a spectrum of asset classes. All are grounded in a long-term, valuation-based investment philosophy, which allows us to willingly take advantage of contrarian market opportunities. Our co-founder, Jeremy Grantham, has been recognised for identifying various major market bubbles as well as his leading philanthropic work in the ESG and climate change space. GMO’s sole line of business has always been and continues to be investment management, delivering superior long-term performance and advice to our clients which include some of the largest, oldest and most prestigious institutions and private investors. Head quartered in Boston, GMO has offices in Singapore, Japan, Sydney, San Francisco, London and Amsterdam, managing a total of SGD$94B in client assets as of 30 September 2021.


As an independently owned private partnership, GMO is built to invest the way we believe will deliver the best results over the long-term for our clients. We manage our client assets the way we would – and do – our own.

Our valuation-based approach embeds several key factors, including: a long-term investment horizon, discipline, conviction, and a commitment to research. Our research emphasizes not only identifying and exploiting pricing dislocations, but also understanding the long-term drivers of return in the markets in which we invest.

GMO investment teams have deep expertise investing across multi-asset class, equity, fixed income, and alternative markets. Clients benefit from working with our highly experienced investment team leaders – on average each has over 20 years’ industry experience – and many have spent a large portion of their careers at GMO. Each investment team employs an active investment process tailored to a specific area of focus. Some of our teams rely on innovative quantitative tools, others use rigorous fundamental research, while many blend the two approaches. GMO is distinguished by its blend of experienced fundamental investment analysts working closely with skilled quantitative researchers. GMO provides the benefits of discipline and consistency in a quantitative approach with ongoing fundamental analysis.



- 2022 Lipper Award: GMO Resources - Winner, Best over 3 & 5 years


- 2020 Lipper Award: GMO Quality - Winner, Best over 5 years

- 2020 Lipper Award: GMO Resources - Winner, Best over 3 & 5 years

- “The 20 Most Influential People in ESG Investing”: Jeremy Grantham